lil2u is a URL shortening service. We take your long url, and make it shorter. We do far more than just make urls shorter though. Check below for a list of the features that lil2u can provide your links with.

lil2u Features
  • Shorten your url for easier social site sharing, and sharing vocally.
  • Track how many and from where people are clicking your lil2u link.
  • Hide affiliate codes and prevent others from removing them.
  • Add custom tags to your lil2u link for greater search result ranking.
  • Password protect your link.
  • Give your lil2u link an expiration date.
  • Submit multiple urls to shorten at once.
  • Export original URLs to a CSV file.
  • Search through your original URLs or their lil2u link and tags.
  • Use lil2u as a simplified bookmark list for your links you want to save.
  • Remove lil2u links individually or all instances pointing to a domain.
  • API that doesn't redirect your users back to our site.
  • Clean and easy to use interface that loads quickly on your mobile.