If you need a short URL feature integrated into your site - lil2u provides an API which works with both the GET and the POST method.

GET Method
All you need to do is to send the query string with the URL encoded similar to below:


This will display their short url on lil2u.com, along with more features. However, if you would like lil2u to be more transparent, simply use the following GET method instead:


This will only return the short url itself. It will not include our website design or our features around it.

GET variables allowed:
go - use "twitter" to redirect user to Twitter.com with new short link filled in forms automatically.

POST Method

POST variables:
url - single URL submission
tag - custom tag to use with URL/s (note: if tag is taken - you'll have error message instead of new address)
pass - password (numbers and english letters allowed - but no special symbols)
validTill - link expiration date - format is 2008-12-05 (YYYY-MM-DD = year-month-day)
bulk - bulk URLs (start each from new line)

API URL Example
Urls generated from any of our API methods will look similar to, and function exactly like this sample url: